Your orders will be processed within 5 days. As a confirmation, you will receive a prepaid invoice by SMS.

The term of payment of the invoice is 10 days.

We will start sending rose seedlings in May.

Shipping cost up to 30 first-year seedlings 6€ + packing 1.5€

Biennial seedlings up to 10 pcs. in one box 6€+packing 1.5€


We send rose plants to all European countries. Please contact us for shipping costs outside of Latvia.


Since the results of grafting are known at the end of March and cannot be 100% predicted, it may be that the planned number of roses has not increased, therefore, 

If there is no variety, you will be informed by phone. It will be possible to replace the variety with another or get the money back.

Orders cannot be cancelled after payment. Shipment is carried out through Omniva, or received on the spot at the farm.


We will start sending other plants from April, depending on weather conditions.


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If necessary, please contact us by phone:: +371 22417861

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